La Cucaracha

La Cucaracha was a Chicano newspaper published in Pueblo, CO. It was started by Juan and Deborah Espinosa and David Martinez, who were students at the University of Colorado-Boulder during the Chicano Movement (early 1970s). They were involved in protests, rallies, sit-ins, and building takeovers. Juan and David worked together on the El Diario de al Gente newspaper during this time. After leaving CU, Juan, Deborah and David felt that there was a need to start a new alternative Chicano newspaper. They chose Pueblo as their location because it was a hotspot for the Chicano Movement and because of the Chicano demographic. They were joined by other former CU students and community leaders. They started publishing La Cucaracha in May of 1976 and stopped publication in September 1983. They covered many topics including: Police brutality, education, land rights, healthcare, local, and national news.

La Cucaracha newspaper has been digitized and is now available for free research access and use online at the Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection website.